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GO Cleaner - cleaning fluid for tools and machines

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for cleaning of circular saw blades, cutters, cutterheads, drill bits, gardening tools i.e. grass trimmers and mowers, chainsaws – GO Cleaner removes resin and all oil-based dirt
especially recommended for tools that cut raw and wet wood (with resin)
perfect cleaning of dirty machine parts
GO Cleaner should be sprayed directly on the cleaned surface and left for 5-15 minutes to dissolve any dirt. After that time please wipe the surface with a cloth to remove the dirt
the best results are achieved by immersion: immerse cleaned object in the liquid GO Cleaner for 15 - 30 minutes, then pull it out and wipe with a cloth – concerns only tools like saw blades, cutters, cutterheads, drill bits
in case of light soiling you may dilute GO Cleaner with water in proportion 1:1, max. 1:2, but its time of reaction decreases so the manufacturer recommends using it in an undiluted form
in case of heavy dirt on large surface penetration may take longer than the times given, please repeat cleaning process once again
it is not recommended to use GO Cleaner on hot elements

Features - benefits

GO Cleaner, as one of the few on the market, is not subject to the requirements of ADR, what significantly reduces transport costs and the substance is not combustible
GO Cleaner is safe for human use, does not contain potassium hydroxide which is strongly corrosive substance (this hazardous substance is a major component of articles offered by competitors)
cleaner is produced on the basis of alkaline compounds containing surfactants and is a highly moisturizing, penetrating and removing dirt
two-task cleaner: to separate dirt from the surface being cleaned and to protect the cleaned surface against external factors
safe neutralization with water, GO Cleaner is safe for work clothes - does not affect the fiber structure
safe for cleaned surface, i.e. plastic, rubber
GO Cleaner was developed by a Polish chemists and is produced in one of Polish chemical plant

Product manager

Piotr Szarek
e-mail: pszarek@wapienica.pl

Delivery terms

Delivery Costs and Methods

The delivery form and cost are determined  individually with customer.

e-mail: eksport@wapienica.pl

Prices do not include the delivery cost (prices quoted EX WORKS).


TO100-0000-0500TO100 - GO Cleaner - płyn do mycia i czyszczenia narzędzi 0,5 L UFI: T000-X0VX-Q00H-TT490,5 Lszt
TO100-0005-0000TO100 - GO Cleaner - płyn do mycia i czyszczenia narzędzi 5 L UFI: T000-X0VX-Q00H-TT495 Lszt
TO100-0010-0000TO100 - GO Cleaner - płyn do mycia i czyszczenia narzędzi 10 L UFI: T000-X0VX-Q00H-TT4910 Lszt
TO100-0020-0000TO100 - GO Cleaner - płyn do mycia i czyszczenia narzędzi 20 L UFI: T000-X0VX-Q00H-TT4920 Lszt
TO100-0000-0750TO100 - GO Cleaner - płyn do mycia i czyszczenia narzędzi 0,75 L UFI: T000-X0VX-Q00H-TT490,75 Lszt
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Catalogue:   - catalogue products

- available in stock in the following packages: 750ml (collective 12 pcs), 5L, 10L, 20L
- minimum shipments of liquid products: GO Cleaner 750 ml - 12 pcs, GO Cleaner 5 L - 4 pcs, GO Cleaner 10 L - 1 pcs, GO Cleaner 20 L - 1 pcs

Information: the 500 ml unit pack from January 2024 is no longer available for sale!
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