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Technical advisory
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Range of operation

     We are one of the largest Polish manufacturers of tools used in specialized treatment processes of materials like wood, metal, AL., PVC, concrete, etc. Today, besides supplying highly specialized woodworking tools, metalworking tools, or tools for the building industry, we also offer comprehensive advisory services provided by a professional team of technical advisers.

     Our mission is to fulfill client needs by supplying tools of the highest quality, which are easily available and reliable. This is achieved through our dedication and professional approach to the production process of Global brand tools.

     Our goal is to constantly develop our company, which we are doing thanks to investments in new production technologies
and the ongoing perfection of our technical sales team’s skills, in order to meet the growing expectations of our clients.

In our work, we take advantage of our long-standing industrial-construction and research experience as well as the high qualifications
and dedication of our employees. In our operations to date, we have been constantly perfecting our production technology by introducing modern machine tools and digitally controlled centres as well as laser cutting technology. The high quality of production is guaranteed
by production departments possessing modern machine parks, operated by employees with the highest qualifications.

Product assortment
The assortment of manufactured products is very wide and diverse. A significant part of the assortment consists of tools created individually for clients. Taking into consideration such a wide range of tools, our products can be divided according to the following characteristics:
  • Tools for working with wood and wood-based materials – WOOD section
    /circular saw blades with HM plates, regular circular saw blades, band-saw blades and pit saw blades, planer knifes, shank cutters and formed cutters, cutterheads, solid carbide shank cutters, drill bits with HM plates, DIA polycrystalline diamond tools/
  • Tools for working with metal – METAL section
    /side milling cutters, cut off saw blades, saw blades with HM plates for cutting structural sections, saw blades with HM plates for cutting AL. and PVC, machine blades and hacksaw blades, abrasive saw blades, band-saw blades/
  • Tools for the building industry – BUILDING section
    /slitting saw HSS, saw blades with HM plates for power tools, diamond circular saw blades for power tools, drill bits, chisels, tools for cutting stone wool/
  • Tools for special tasks
    /paper knifes, circular saw blades and knifes for the meat industry, knives for the tobacco industry and the textile industry, carbide saw blades for cutting acrylic and many other tools/
In addition to manufacturing the above products, we also provide the following services:
Our company’s operations are based on specially prepared and strictly implemented management processes. On the basis of the implemented quality policy and its goals, which are a basis of assigning goals to processes and analysing their achievement, the company management determines its goals and methods of their measure.


Product design and construction
Company constructors prepare new product designs and modernize the tools currently in production. Product designs must fulfil the individual requirements of clients, the requirements of industrial safety and environment protection regulations, as well as applicable Polish and foreign standards.

The Supplies Department guarantees the acquisition of materials, raw materials and elements for the needs of production processes,
which fulfil the quality and technological requirements determined in technological processes.

Product marking and identification
The markings identifying products and product batches used at the company make it possible to refer them to our records,
as well as persons responsible for their manufacture.

Controlling the production process
Production processes taking place at the company are based on:
  • the needs of our clients,
  • planned monthly production,
  • analysis of production capabilities and supply possibilities,
  • technological documentation.
Control and tests
The goal of operations related with controls and tests is to guarantee that:
  • materials which do not meet the requirements are not used in the production,
  • semi-products which do not meet the requirements are not used in further operations,
  • products which do not meet the requirements are not sold to the client.
Control instruments
Control instruments used in the company for measuring and testing are subject to systematic inspections by being included in a calibration system. The validity of each device’s calibration is marked with special stickers containing a validity expiration date. Each device is kept
on file and calibration results are recorded in the device’s file.

Product status related with control and testing
Materials and raw materials as well as semi-products and products (prior to control or not) fulfilling the requirements after the control
are appropriately marked and separated.

Preventive and corrective actions
Any hazards endangering the quality of processes or the products as well as process discrepancies found are subject to immediate corrective or preventive actions.

Internal quality audits
The quality management system implemented in the company is subject to systematic internal audits performed by trained auditors
in accordance with the annual audit plan. Quality systems, processes and products are subject to audits. The goal of these audits
is to assess the effectiveness of individual quality system areas and initiate its modification and improvement.

Personnel training
Training is an important element of the quality system in the company, and it is necessary because of:
  • the continuous technological advancement (new technologies and devices),
  • the necessity of adjusting to the needs of the market.
“Annual training plans” are created in the company on the basis of declarations of training requirements.

Statistical methods
The complex production process is supervised by using statistical methods based on records from controls and tests.
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