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With its Quality Policy, Fabryka Pił i Narzędzi WAPIENICA Sp. z o.o. takes care to ensure that its products and services are always on the highest level and meet the Customers’ demands.

However, our products may get damaged due to various circumstances. Therefore, in order to improve handling of claimed products and make it easier to take an objective decision with regard to the legitimacy of reported complaint, we decided to set out a few rules governing the way in which complaints are submitted.


We encourage you to contact us via e-mail at: reklamacje@wapienica.pl.
The following can be sent to this e-mail address:
  • completed warranty claim form,
  • request to collect the claimed product at a specified address,
  • questions directly related to complaints about our products.

The warranty claim form is available:

In order to process your complaint efficiently, you should:
  • properly complete and sign the warranty claim form,
  • attach the proof of purchase (photo copy of invoice or receipt is admissible) to the warranty claim form.

Please note that:
  • in case of Authorised Affiliated Wholesale Outlets and Trade Companies that act as agents in selling our products, the complaint is submitted by the Company, which made a purchase directly from FPiN WAPIENICA Sp. z o.o. and the representative of this Company is obliged to complete and sign the warranty claim form,
  • in accordance with provisions in the Basic Guidelines for the Operation and Safe Work with our products, as printed on information leaflets and supplied with our products, the subject of complaint can neither be products that have been operated not in compliance with our recommendations and comments nor products damaged due to improper selection for the nature of work performed.

Information on handling complaints - download


File .doc

File .pdf

Warranty claim form

Fill out the documents along with the product being advertised, please send to:

Fabryka Pił i Narzędzi "WAPIENICA" Spółka z o.o.
30 Tadeusza Regera st.
43-382 Bielsko-Biała, POLAND
with a note: Head of the Complaints Department
ph:   +48 33 828 08 35
ph:   +48 663 860 609

Contact e-mail to the Head of the Complaints Department: reklamacje@wapienica.pl

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