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FPiN “WAPIENICA” Ltd., continuing its long-lasting traditions, which date back to the year 1921, manufactures specialist tools
for cutting and processing wood, metal, and plastic, and renders tool grinding and repair services.

FPiN “WAPIENICA” Ltd., through the professional approach of its employees, strives to be regarded as a reliable company, worthy
of its clients’ trust and accepted by the local community.

The main goals of the company are:
  • Production of high quality tools, in accordance with the current quality norms.
  • Fulfilment of individual requirements and expectations of clients in regard to the offered products.
  • Timely and competent fulfilment of orders and rendered services.
  • Client satisfaction.
  • Adherence to regulations, particularly industrial safety regulations.
  • Implementation of new products and modern technological solutions.
  • Maintenance of the high prestige of the company on the domestic and international markets.
  • Acquisition of new clients.
  • Profitability of its business operations.

The above goals are fulfilled through:
  • Systematic cooperation with technology and research institutes in regard to the research and testing of our products.
  • Optimal use of the company’s own resources in order to improve the quality of manufactured tools and services rendered, based on client expectations and needs.
  • Implementation of modern organizational and technological solutions.
  • Adherence to norms, laws and regulations in force.
  • Improvement of qualifications, professional skills and employee awareness as well as actively supporting all initiatives in regard to the improvement of quality and industrial safety.
  • Supervision and limitation of harmful factors at work stations.
  • Prevention of work accidents and work-related diseases.
  • Employees identifying with the company goals; constant improvement of their skills and qualifications.
  • A systematic and process-based approach in company management, constant improvement of the Integrated Management System, on the basis of current norms ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018.
  • Supervision of the implemented processes and systematic inspections and assessment of the effectiveness of the Integrated Management System.

All FPiN “WAPIENICA” Ltd. employees, which are aware of the content of this Policy, guarantee their care for a high level of manufactured products and rendered services through their actions, in a way which is non-threatening to health, obligating at the same time all guests and employees of other companies working on the company’s premises to do the same.

Striving to fully accomplish the goals contained in this Policy, the company’s management commits itself to guarantee the means necessary for their achievement.

Krzystztof Wydmański
Chairman of the Board

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