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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

What information about you do we collect?
Data collected during registration
In order to be able to access some functions of our system, you need to be registered. During registration, we ask you about your email address and password which you will use on the website.
Data collected during the purchasing process
Before we can make a product purchase transaction, we will ask you for your first and last name, company name, NIP (Tax Id No.), address, and telephone number.
Data collected automatically
During your visit to our Internet Website, data related to your visit is collected automatically, for example your IP address, domain name, browser type, operating system type, etc.
Data collected when you contact us
When you contact us using the Internet Website, telephone, email, etc., you provide information regarding your personal data, like your first and last name, email address, etc.

How do we use your data?
We do not sell the data collected about you to third parties.
Data collected during registration will be used exclusively to make it possible for you to log in to our system. Registration is mandatory if you wish to make a purchase.
Data collected during purchase transactions will be used in order to complete the transaction, including to send the ordered products to you.
If you have signed up for your Newsletter, or in any way agreed to receive it, we will use your data in order to send this Newsletter to you. You will be asked whether you wish to receive the Newsletter during registration.
Data collected automatically may be used to analyze user behaviour on our Internet Website, collect demographic data about our users, or to personalize the content of our Internet pages. This data is collected automatically about each user.
Data collected during communication between you and our website will be used only to answer your questions.
In the case of an inspection by the General Inspectorate of Personal Data Protection, your data may be made available to the Inspectorate’s employees in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act.
In the case of violating the Rules of our website, violating the law, or when the law requires it, we may make your data available to the judiciary bodies.

How will we contact you?
If you made a product purchase, you may receive emails from us regarding this transaction. We also may contact you by phone, if we have important information regarding your transaction.
If you have signed up for our Newsletter, or in any other way have agreed to receive it, you will receive our Newsletter via email.

How can you inform us about a change in your data?
After logging in to the system and selecting the Data section, you can make changes or remove your personal data collected during registration and used for logging in to the system and sending the Newsletter. Data used for purchasing transactions cannot be changed or removed, because it is a part of a receipt or an invoice. Data collected automatically cannot be changed or removed.

The use of cookies
Our Internet Website may use cookies in order to identify your browser while using our website and in order for us to know what page to display to you. Cookies do not contain any personal data.

How do we secure your personal data?
Communication between your computer and our server is encrypted when we are collecting your personal data. In addition, our databases are protected from access by third parties.

Manufacturer trademarks.
Manufacturer trademarks included on our website remain their property.

Changes in our privacy policy.
We reserve the right to make changes in the above privacy policy by publishing the new privacy policy on this website.

The company collecting the data: Fabryka Pił i Narzędzi WAPIENICA Ltd., 30 Tadeusza Regera st.m 43-382 Bielsko-Biała, Poland.
If you have an additional questions regarding privacy protection, please contact us using the contact form on the contact page.

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