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WELCOME to our website.

The www.globus-wapienica.eu website was created in such a way that navigating and searching for products and information about us is made easy, clear and intuitive for everyone using the Internet.

The website is divided into 4 main modules, each with a different range of information:


The website www.globus-wapienica.eu opens through an intro. The intro’s panel was designed so that every visitor can find the most crucial information about our website already at this stage. Here you can select the type of information which interests you by directly entering the main page of a specific section.

The Main Page and Its Tabs

The main page is divided into 6 easy-to-navigate main tabs:


The main part of the page includes the Company tab, which presents News – the most important events in the life of the company as well as new products, our offer and information about the current promotions or sales.

In the Company section, in a list on the left side, you will find information about our company, such as:


Product Offer
Here you can find a wide range of information about our products. Taking into consideration the various uses of tools and their specifications, we have created two main, although independent, criteria for searching for products: Search by Tool Type and Search by Use.

  • Search by Tool Type reflects our standard product catalogue.

  • Search by Use is a option to select a specific tool needed to perform a job specified by you, for example:
Search by Use -> cutting – precutting -> wood and wood derived materials -> dia scoring saws.
Search by Use -> drilling -> building materials  -> tools for masonry and concrete sds+.

  • Product Marking
Besides the two main criteria of tool searching, there is also a third option, which appears when a specific product is displayed. A bookmark appears at the top, on the right side. Product Marking is an option to select tools according to a specific characteristic assigned to a given product: :

  • tools possessing a certain distinctive characteristic (for example HM > circular saw blades with HM plates and/or solid carbide milling cutters, etc.).       
  • DIA polycrystalline diamond tools.
  • tools with a specific material head construction.
  • tools with a specific type of feed during use: mechanical or manual.
  • tools characterized by a specific processing type (various types for tools from FR and DI groups).
shank cutters for top spindle milling machines
  DIA polycrystalline diamond tools

  • tools manufactured according to certain specific norms, for example DIN.
  • tools with safety mark B certification.


A search by product marking can be performed when on the lowest level of the website’s catalogue, i.e. the level of individual products, by clicking on one of the pictograms located in the Product Marking frame.

All products featured on the website possess the same description model:
  • pictures (gallery), drawings, example of use
  • product marking (pictograms)
  • 2 types of descriptions: manufacture-technical data, use
  • technical parameters in pdf format for downloading
  • data of the person responsible for the product
  • charts with indexes, prices (for logged-in members) and tool parameters

Current safety mark B certificates for tools – for download  in a pdf file.

Information about tool grinding and repair services, laser cutting services or custom tools manufactured by the tool shop.

The newest information about promotions of tools and purchasing terms. This panel may contain additional information depending on the status of the logged-in visitor.


Special sales, tools at sensationally low prices.
The module is active only when a sale is taking place.

Technical Advisory

Sales Advisors

Contact information for our regional advisors in Poland.

Tool Selection
Information regarding selecting GLOBUS tool groups – products’ cutting parameters – for download in pdf format.

Ask a Consultant
This option lets you contact our technical consultant directly, with whom you may discuss your tool-related problem – call or send an e-maila.

Sales Network

Another main tab on the website is the Sales Network tab. Here you will find a wide range of information about which company sells our wide assortment of products and where you can by them.

Export Department
Contact information for persons (phone, fax, email).

KOELNER Distribution Centres 
Branch addresses and contact data (phone, fax, email).

Authorized Brand Dealerships
Wholesaler addresses and contact data (phone, fax, email).


Under this tab you will find crucial information regarding our company, industry press articles, and press materials used by various media. This section is divided into 3 main information sub-tabs.

Written About Us
Articles about our company, technologies implemented and new products included in our offer, which have recently appeared in industry press.

Here you can learn about the development of our company over the nearly 90-year-old.

This subpage contains our logotypes in various file formats.


The last tab contains the most important contact data of persons from various departments in our company. You can also ask us a question using our contact form.

Page Header

The page header, the top element of our website, contains such panels as:

Context Search

Through using the context search you can find a given product in an easy and fast way. You can search for a word, for example certificates, saw blades, milling cutters, drill bits, and if you know the tool’s index you can type it here and the product’s link where the index is located will be displayed, along with a data chart (tool parameters).

For example, to search for the word “certificates”:

Step 1.

  Type in the word “certificates” in the search window.

Step 2.
You will receive the search result in the form of links to subpages. Click on a given link.

Step 3.
After clicking on the link, you will be directed to the page which contains the search result..

Advanced Search

The advanced search is an expanded module which can be used to search for our tools including specific parameters/dimensions (for example diameter, number of teeth, saw cut size, thickness, etc.)

This is how the advanced search works:

Step 1.
Click on the advanced search link

Step 2.

Select a product from a given category.

Step 3.
Select a product from a list.

Step 4.
Through selecting a product from the list, three attributes will automatically be filtered (a list of parameters for selection) according to which you can search for the expected tool values/dimensions. On the right side of the given attribute, a space is located where you should type the dimension/parameter values which interest you. The last stage is to confirm your entry by clicking on search.

Step 5.
If results are displayed on a list below, this means that the product you searched for is in our database and you can order it or in the case of custom products, send an inquiry regarding the completion and delivery periods.


Registration / Logging In

You can register on our website via the Registration and Logging In module. This module will be used in the future for automatically logging in to our website. More information can be found on the next subpage - Registration and Logging In

Your Basket

Your basket is a module where you can collect your products during the ordering or inquiring process.

If you are not registered or logged in, your basket will always be empty and a message asking you whether you wish to continue the order will be displayed.


If you wish to create and finalize an order, we recommend logging in to our website first and then putting products in your basket..


Page Footer

The bottom part of the page /footer/, besides having links to the main subpages, was expanded with additional helpful information
such as:

Privacy Policy

Information about the page with explanations about how to navigate our website.

Large collection of various advertising materials (leaflets, catalogues, price lists – for downloading in pdf format).

Picture Gallery – pictures showing our company from the inside.

Site map, explaining the structure of our website.

Besides the solutions mentioned above, you can also find additional modules in the footer: Notepad and RSS Channels.

See the Notepad
This panel can be used to create your own notes based on the information contained on our website. If you added an element to your notepad, it will be visible in a separate window – if you wish to, you can add, remove and print the collected information..


RSS Channels
This is a fast way to view information on the website using sub-linked news headers.

Additionally, you can also order a newsletter or recommend the website to your friends using the modules located on the left side of the page.

This website uses cookies. Further information on our cookies, their use and how to modify the acceptance of cookies can be found here and in the footer of our website (Cookie Policy).