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Trade portals

Internet pages:


Information, news, current affairs – the recent news from wood market...

url: www.drewno.pl

Information, news, current affairs – the recent news from wood market...
url: www.stolarstwo.pl
Portal TARTAKI.com.pl is destined to final customers who look for suppliers of wood products, services and the portal is destined to trade wood companies which search for buyers, partners, suppliers of equipments, materials and accessories used in production...
url: www.tartaki.com.pl


Information, news, current affairs, everything about parquets...
url: www.parkieciarz.pl
Our Mission is creating the best all-Polish Portal focused on creating the informative-commercial offer, high quality service and individual approaching of every customer...
url: www.meble.pl
Information, news, current affairs – the recent news from market...
url: www.4metal.pl
Trade Portal UtrzymanieRuchu24.pl provides information about events in Polish industrial branch , recommended products and services practices into production and maintenance...
url: www.utrzymanieruchu24.pl
The portal with a huge number of companies, products, interesting details from certain branches, hence the trade portals are visited just by persons who are closely related with certain activities...
url: www.metale.org
Exchange of information service, newest offers of over hundred biggest companies connected with metallurgy and non-ferrous metal market...
url: www.metale.pl
From 1999 onward, every day  www.oknonet.pl creates a picture of achievement of near two hundred thousand  group of peoples connected with attractive woodwork industry...
url: www.oknonet.pl


Windows and doors industry portal...
url: www.e-okno.pl

Building industry portal- building industry in its best edition
url: www.budnet.pl
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