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Saw blades LL CUT VH line GA5, GA10 for cutting wood derived materials



new series of saw blades LL CUT VH is dedicated to cutting of wood-based materials such as: chipboard, laminate, MDF, HDF, LDF, MFP with low contamination level
perfect edges after cutting - saw blades for most demanding users
series with new carbide tip geometry is characterized by good cutting performance
especially recommended while cutting of different types / sorts of material cut on the sawing machine
cutting on vertical and horizontal sizing machines - single boards or sets up to thickness: 3x18mm=54mm
saws used with scoring saws

Features - benefits

SUPER HARD carbide tips (NANOGRAIN) with hardness of 2.250 HV ensure longer life time - higher number of running meter of board cut till sharpening
series with NEW teeth geometry GA 5(TR-F triple-chip + flat) improves cutting process
high smoothness of HM-tips guarantees longer tool life till sharpening - sharpening process performed on CNC sharpening machines with specially chosen grinding wheel and sharpening parameters
precisely executed saw disc with new silencing slots limits noise level and ensures tools longevity - new stable and silenced saw disc
designed compensation slots increase warp resistance due to high temperature and load
dynamically balanced disc eliminates vibrations during cutting - stable cutting process and higher quality of cut surface

Product manager

Piotr Szarek
e-mail: pszarek@wapienica.pl

Delivery terms

Delivery Costs and Methods

The delivery form and cost are determined  individually with customer.

e-mail: eksport@wapienica.pl

Prices do not include the delivery cost (prices quoted EX WORKS).


SelectCatalogueIndex∅ D [mm]∅ d [mm]B [mm]S [mm]ZTeeth geometrySilencedilxdo/dpU.m.
Catalogue:   - catalogue products

do - driver hole dia
dp - hole pitch dia
silenced - silencing type

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