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New possibilities and super precision

In the first quarter of this year, the investment process was completed and a new production center was launched, a super-precise JUNKER grinding machine. ERWIN JUNKER is a world leader in metal grinding with over 60 years of experience and over 80 innovative patents in the world.

The high-performance JUMAXIMAT grinder has been implemented for the teeth grinding process of HSS circular-saw milling cutters. The latest generation of this grinder, which we had the opportunity to launch in the current one, is primarily:
•    high precision and repeatability in grinding the teeth of HSS circular saw blades;
•    amazing efficiency thanks to: the ability to grind cutter packages, an efficient cooling system, the ability to optimize grinding speeds and feeds;
•    five independent CNC-controlled axes and two additional dedicated to grinding wheel profiling;
•    profiling of the grinding wheel using a CNC-controlled diamond disc allows for obtaining the required tooth shape with high precision;
•    a rich software package that allows you to design various tooth geometries and visualize them online;
•    grinding wheel balancing system with an acoustic control system - grinding wheels are dynamically balanced using a fully automatic mechanism, a balancing system that is integrated with the grinding spindle

This investment is closely related to the mission adopted for the coming years to provide customers with professional industrial tools with greater precision and in accordance with the strategic goals of increasing internal efficiency.


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